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About Revolution Ropes


Co-owners Mia Park and Justin Mulkearns 

For over a decade, My Yacht was the sole distributor for Lancelin Corderie, the century old French rope braider, in Australia and the Pacific region. During this time, we identified a growing need to innovate rope manufacturing in Australia, by developing and designing rope specific for our market, locally to offset the rising cost of freight and reduce lead times. Over this time there has been an increase in the movement away from the traditional wire rope and cables, to textile-based products. This switch has countless benefits for clients, including increased safety precautions, lower environmental impact and minimized freight costs.

Working with Nicolas Lancelin, we formed a partnership to develop a new, one-of-a-kind, rope braiding facility here in Australia in 2019,  which used to be called Lancelin Pacific. The intention was to fill the gap in the market, and provide solutions to the problems that we noticed our clients having. As of February 2024 Revolution Ropes was born. Revolution Ropes builds on the century of knowledge from Lancelin Corderie, and combines it with the latest technology and methods of innovation to provide customised solutions for our clients. 

Our process begins with a discovery call; a consultation to discuss your current situation and the issues you are experiencing in your industry. We then work alongside you, ensuring to provide you with the best textile products for your goals and needs, as well as developing systems for maintenance and replacement program. The process involves our expert explanation of why certain fibres are used and the braiding angles and pitches and the benefits they will have for you and your specific projects. We can also work with you and your staff to provide explanations on proper set-up of the rope systems, ensuring usability, safety and durability are all being considered in the process.

Our Team

  • justin

    Justin Mulkearns

    Co-owner and rope expert

    Works closely with clients and provides custom solutions using his expertise, explaining to clients how the rope will be manufactured specifically to fit their needs. Uses the the latest and highest technology to create innovative, premium rope. 

  • 1710123654903

    Mia Park

    Co-owner and operations manager

    Organises and oversees all day-to-day business activities and processes, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. 

  • emmet

    Emmett McGregor

    Rope braider

    Utilises his years of experience using rope for working at heights, industrial and technical use. He always wondered, "what a change to the rope construction would mean to its performance and now I have an opportunity to work with some the best rope designers in the world to make that happen.”

  • Emma-1

    Emma Pisani

    Marketing and administration

    Runs our social media pages, organises and develops marketing campaigns and strategies, as well as completing day-to-day administration tasks. 

  • Will

    Will Xu

    Finance Manager

    Oversees all financial activity within the business.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of branch bracing rope?

Branch bracing is the term given to the practice of stabilising or limiting the movement of a branch to prevent excessive flex in extreme weather. Branch bracing is also used in situations where the tree has branches above public space and falling branches pose a risk. If carried out correctly with a well-designed rope system the tree will retain natural and safe movement and allow for growth. The bracing is usually spliced around two, or some times more, opposing stems. These Synthetic systems should be checked periodically for wear and adjustment.

What is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene?

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW) is a type of thermoplastic polyethylene/ high-modus polyethylene. Being highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, self-lubricating, having low moisture absorption and being highly resistant to abrasion, it is perfect ballistic protection, defense applications, and increasingly in medical devices, sailing, hiking equipment, climbing, and many other industries. It is synonymous with and often referred to the brand names, Dyneema, commercialized in the late 1970s by the Dutch chemical company DSM, and Spectra, commercialized by Honeywell.

How long will my rope last?

The longevity of a rope is dependent on many different factors, some of which can be impacted by the choice of fibers and construction at the time of purchase. Some of the factors that impact the longevity of rope are UV and chemical exposure, geographical environment, maintenance and the frequency of cycles (days of use). For example: A rope used to perform an operation on a job site where it is exposed to fine dust and dirt will have a fraction of service life of the same rope that is used to perform a similar task inside a warehouse/factory. Some fibers like Dynnema have an outstanding UV and chemical resistance while fibers like Aramids and Para-aramids have significantly reduced UV resistance and some fibers like PBO are required to be completely covered to protect them from UV and moisture. Each rope or cable will need care and maintenance to see the longest life.

What fibres will float?

Any fibre with a Specific gravity (relative density) less than 1.0 will typically float. Fibres like Dyneema (UHMWPE) 0.97 and Poly propylene 0.96 are the most common fibres used when making a rope that needs to float. Fibres can also be blended to achieve or coated to help with water repellency.

What is the EA value?

Elastic Stiffness (EA) is a calculation of E (Youngs modulus) x A (the cross-sectional area). The EA value helps our customers and their clients compare various ropes and cables that may have different strengths, construction methods or even material and diameter.

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